D ring repair

I have a double d ring (bottom of boat, thigh straps connected to it) that started coming loose after an outing. In the past I would usally apply a little more vynabond and let it go. But, as I pulled this back a little some of the tan vynal of the boat came with it. What’s the best way of dealing with this? Try to glue the inside vynal back to the royalex? If so what’s the best glue for this purpose? I have vynabond, which I apply correctly before and don’t have melting issues,but not sure what it would do against raw royalex. Also have some 3m 5200 which I’ve never used and gorila glue also which I’ve never used on a boat , but, plenty of other things. Thanks for an answer. This is an old Mohawk Viper, which is a new one for me and I want to hang onto it for awhile.

Mike Yee knows a thing or two about outfitting Royalex boats. He recommends using Stabond (a methyl,ethyl,ketone-based adhesive) for gluing down D-ring patches in boats in which the inner vinyl layer of the Royalex has been stripped: http://cboats.net/cforum/viewtopic.php?t=7960334

You could probably also use West Systems G-flex epoxy which theoretically bonds well to bare ABS and I have heard of some people using it to secure anchors for thigh straps, but I haven’t used it for that purpose so I can’t personally recommend it.

If only a little of the inner vinyl layer is missing and that part will be covered by the patch, I have often just resecured the anchors with Vynabond or a similar vinyl adhesive and had no problems doing so.