D Ring Strap

I have seen a plastic strap with a bump in it that is used to mount D rings to a solid surface with adhesive.

The concept is to provide float bag / gear mounting points on the bottom of our canoes.

Unfortunately, I am to addled to remember where I saw it. The upside is that several folks in the paddling community probably remember where they saw this item.

the thick, rectangular, gray ones?
If so, Blue Mountain Outfitters sells them. But I don’t know what they are called.

The ones I’ve used…
Made by Voyageur in 3/4", and 1 1/2" width.


Simply called D-Ring/packaged in pairs.

Color: gray

The plate can be heated & formed to fit curves in the bilge of the boat if necessary.

Have used them outfitting several whitewater canoes; never had a problem with them.


I too am somewhat addled
but I seem to remember seeing them in the NRS catalog. Don’t know who the mfgr is though.


Still lists them in their accessory book.

Thanks for all the input!

Turns out our customer will be happy w/ ~40 padeyes?

While I could not find the D ring strap on our dealers Confluence connection, I’m happy that simple but great product is still available.