D-ring to fiberglass?

I want to glue some d-rings to the interior of one of my fiberglass kayaks, to serve as tie-down points to keep the cargo from shuffling/shifting while rolling. Two simple questions:

  1. I can only seem to find what I want at NRS, and they’re $6 a piece which seems high to me. These are the 1" d-rings with the circle of fabric. Is there somewhere better to find these?

  2. What glue should I use to glue the patch ring to the boat? H2?


That’s actually a decent price

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But you don't need the fabric backed one for fiberglass those are designed for rafts and flexible hulls although it will work using almost any good adhesive from contact cement to epoxy. I used those on the interior of a plastic kayak with contact cement.

You can use something as simple as a folded over piece of webbing epoxied down although it's awkward getting a weight to hold it down in some locations.

Another time I used plastic d-rings with a split plastic straw over the straight part and a few strips of epoxied fiberglass attaching it to the hull. Just clean and roughen an area the size of the material holding the d-ring down.

1" Plastic d-rings are cheap, strong enough epoxied down with glass cloth or webbing. With a hard glass hull you don't need the large gluing surface that you need on a flexible inflatable or poly hull.

For our under deck bags:
I use contact cement

Trace the circle, then lightly sand paper it.

Then clean it with a rag dampened with acetone

Follow the directions on which ever contact cement you use

Jack L

That’s what I did right in front of a seat on a plastic Chatham 16. Real solid and never pulled off.

I’ve used marine goop (surface prepped as Jack said) for my under deck bags in my composite boats & G Flex in my poly boat. I used marine goop in case I ever want to remove or replace the attachment points. G Flex is great if you’re sure you will never ever want to remove it.

Thanks all
Will do.

Did this and it went perfectly. Ending up attaching 5 different d-rings in different places. Looks nice and neat, too.