D-Rings in skin coat kevlar - middle ground adhesion?

I want to put a few d-rings in my new Northwind Solo (blacklite). For my first go, I’d like to install them such that they are not bound in place forever. These d-loops will mostly be used to secure a big float tube that needs to ride on its side. I won’t be applying additional pressure to them. Can anyone recommend an adhesive which would be good for this purpose - moderately strong, removable with some elbow grease, etc. If they fail, the consequences will be low.

If there is no traction force on the D ring you could use waterproof contact cement. I have used DAP Weldwood extensively. But if there is significant traction on the D ring I have found that contact cement will not hold up.

I have used a lot of different types of vinyl adhesive like H-66 and have successfully removed D rings bound in with that type of adhesive by judiciously warming the patch with a heat gun and progressively peeling it off from one edge.

If you remove a D ring bound in with either contact cement or vinyl cement there will be some adhesive residue left behind. I can usually remove the contact cement residue with mineral spirits. Most vinyl cements are either MEK or acetone based and usually require acetone (or MEK) to get the residue off. In either case there may be an area of slight discoloration left where the patch was attached even after all adhesive residue is removed.