D rings on inflatable

Has anyone tried attaching D-Rings to Sea Eagle 370 inflatable? Sea Eagle says that the material in their PVC for that model will not support glue on straps or rings.

If that’s what they say not to do, why would you try it? Doing that would certainly void their warranty, and for a boat that cheaply made I would want to preserve that option.

What I found from Sea Eagle : “Many of our customers like to put extra D-rings to customize their boats. Extra D-rings can be easily installed on our 1000 Denier boats.
Note: D-rings cannot be installed on our PolyKrylar boats as Polykrylar material is stretchable and is not compatible for D-rings.“

I was curious because some dinghies are made with PVC and can have accessories glued on. As the above shows, it depends on the specific fabric.