D Rings

I need to mount some D rings in several canoes. Should I go with the plastic D rings with small rectangular bases or the larger metal rings with large round rubber bases? Which adhesives work best for Royalex and which for kevlar?

I think the fabric and stainless type
are necessary for high-stress uses such as the tie points for thigh straps. I have used some of the rectangular plastic Dagger tie points on Royalex, and even with good preparation of surfaces, one did pop off.

Remember that there is an urban legend about use of excess Vynabond and insufficient drying before pressing the vinyl/fabric patch down on the vinyl surface of the Royalex. Some report the excess solvent gets through to the ABS, foam, and outer ABS, causing softening. I have not seen this, so I do not yet believe it, but when you use Vynabond on Royalex, use only the amount necessary and let it dry the recommended amount of time before pressing the surfaces together.

I’ve seen it…
Have seen result of an excessive amount of Vyna Bond being applied to Royalex too quickly.

On the outside of the hull, directly under where anchors had been installed, the hull was wrinkled badly (had that melting plastic look), and that area was softer than the rest of the hull. You could see a perfect outline of where the anchors had been applied.