Da Swisha to Mani-doo Aja-bikong

Hi all heading out on a 10 day trip solo.Both my longest trip and my first solo trip.Around 600km return.I am going to be broadcasting along the trip and recording all the good campsites other info along the way.I then plan on making a layered map over the winter to show the nicest places to paddle along that stretch.I have explored most of the rest of the ottawa,now its time to head north.

Heres a picture I found on panaramio taken by Marc Sylvestre.Cant wait to paddle around Mani-doo Aja-bikong


You can find me here.I had another blog with over 3000 hits from earlier this year chronically my trip all over the country but deleted it earlier this week.Feel free to leave a message.This is far from a expedition but ITS MINE!!!Last kick at the water before it freezes.



I add up 350 km
not 600.

Going up the Ottawa its still a lot of work.

yes sorry

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Wrong not 600km I have 380km.Typo!I have been going with 400km as a guide.I plan on sticking very close to shoreline to gather as much info as I can!

getting excited

Minus 1C
today in Northbay.Heading out on Thursday if the winds are ok.


Back early from the trip