Dagger Alchemy question

Who’s removed the foam pillar and stiffener strut from their Dagger Alchemy? My long legs and big feet didn’t allow a fit in my Alchemy until I removed 'em and relocated the seat pan aft two inches.

Any thoughts or comments? I don’t notice any trim issues.

Removed Mine Early On
Moved the seat back some, also. The boat behaves just fine and it’s much more comfortable. I was concerned about oil canning but so far so good.

but the foot pegs, and moved the seat back so the front mounting bolts are in the rear holes, drilling new holes for the rear bolts. I replaced the back band with an IR reggie band (not the lounge band). This is in the Alchemy S, I am 5’ 10" and 180lbs, so I may be at the higher end of the S design weight range, but I like a tight fitting boat.

I have found the boat does ride a little higher in the front and windy days pushed the nose a little. If I put a little weight in the front it settles it down. I have not been able to notice any additional flexibility or done any damage to the boat carrying it on racks on hot days or storage issues.

Different Reason
It wasn’t leg or foot room that motivated me. It was the fact that wet exiting wasn’t easy and smooth. After moving the seat… perfect.

i removed more than you
I removed the ws footrest frames as well and replaced them with a homemade bulkhead foot rest. The WS foot rests are uncomfortable for me with the soft soled booties I wear.

Alchemy (large)
I moved the seat back 2" and removed the stiffener. Left the foam block. It tracks better then my wife’s smaller Alchemy in the wind though I don’t think it turns quite as well. May be the driver.

Purpose for Pillar etc…
WW kayaks have pillars to keep the boat from collapsing on your legs should you get pinned on a rock. I assume as the Alchemy is intended as a rough water boat, the pillar is there for the same reason.

Design Issue

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I'm not a Tsunami Ranger so I don't foresee any collapse risk, but every WS / Confluence boat I've owned has had to have the seat moved back in order to fit me well. The Alchemy seat was attached to the hull brace. If you want the seat moved the brace has got to go.

Wait a minute! Couldn't they just beef up the bulkhead to make it more crush-resistant? Ah... the lawyers.