Dagger Alchemy seat adjustment

Does anyone know what is adjustable on the Dagger Alchemy seat? In particular, does it move fore/aft? I’d like to try renting one again this weekend but think I need to play with the seat a bit. The last time I rented one my feet fell asleep. I can’t find a manual on Dagger’s web site.


bottom - no

– Last Updated: Sep-02-11 12:53 AM EST –

When I looked at mind, I got the feeling that the bottom does not move. But I adjusted my seat back so that I sit an inch or two farther back than how it came normally (in order to keep the nose a lighter higher in the water when surfing).

for the info. I know some of the Daggers (maybe the WW boats?) have a couple of screws on the seat base and three positions it can be screwed into (fore, middle and aft). I guess they don’t do that on the system used in the Alchemy.

I’ll play with the seat back and leg risers and see if I can fix my issue with my feet falling asleep.

what volume Alchemy?
Big people in low-volume boats often experience sciatica, impaired circulation, etc. Alchemy comes in two volumes, were you paddling the low-volume (Alchemy S) by any chance?

Pretty sure
it was the L. I don’t think they have any S models for rent there. I was there again yesterday and tried the Alchemy again (different one). I adjusted the seat back as Peter-CA suggests above and everything was fine.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy one, though I want to try the P&H Delphin 155 and maybe a couple others before I decide.