Dagger Alchemy

Can anyone with an Alchemy tell me if when looking from the front of the boat towards the stern along the deck, one side of the cockpit rim seems higher than the other. I looked at 3 different 14.0L’s today and they all looked like this, but Confluence says they should not.

Chris P.

Plastic boats are hard on OCD types
I had a rough time finding all the irregularities in my brand new boat. But, the more you look at any other plastic boats, the more you’ll realize that none of them are perfectly formed. (Well, no… I haven’t seen samples from every manufacturer.) Anyway, stop worrying, and paddle that boat!


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They're right. They should not. Are you looking at purchasing one of them? The real question is whether or not it effects performance. If you think it will be okay for your use, see if a salesman will knock a few dollars off the price. Also, check the manufacturer's statement of origin. See if the boat is a factory second or not. The boat might even have a "B" etched into the side, near the stern, just above the waterline.

Hum, I will check mine and get back…
I have a Alchemy S. I will check it out.

Love the boat. Have been in the ocean with it, surfed it, towed someone with it. I also paddle an Epic 16x and WS Tempest 170. But I love the Alchemy.

Bill Guiffre

Mt. Pleasant, SC

straight. they’re suppose to be symmetric but occasionally they get a bit tweaked in shipping/ handling. some warm sun or heat gun/hair dryer should re-form it.