Dagger Animas for paddling in the ocean?

I have a Dagger Animas laying in the garage from my whitewater river days, and I’m wondering what you guys think about it holding up in the ocean for paddling out shark bait? I typically rent an Ocean Kayak Frenzy model while I’m at the beach, but that’s around $200 a week which is just silly when I have this Animas sitting here at home. I would be paddling through the breakers(currently waves are predicted to be between 0-3ft) and out about 200 to 500 yards from shore. I know the Animas is supposed to be used for rivers and creeks, but for $200 a week I can bust the old girl out if you guys think it will hold up to the waves and currents. I’ll be yakking at Gulf Shores, Alabama

I know whitewater kayaks are used for surfing sometimes, but personally I think that for a couple weeks rent you could watch the used market and get something better suited for the purpose.

If you still have a combat roll and a spray skirt, go for it. Looks like it may be fun in the surf. Invite me over sometime and let’s kayak surf (either long or WW kayak) and then fish. Usually go to Dauphin Island since closer from MS but go to Gulf State Park sometimes for rough water and surf.

I have used whitewater sit-inside kayaks with a spray skirt to surf beach break off the Jersey and Florida shores.

One thing I did find is that if you capsize in the beach breakers you are often over a sand bar and the water may not be deep enough to set up to roll. If you have to come out of a SINK in that circumstance it will take on a lot of water and become quite heavy and difficult to wrestle into shore, and the boat will tend to fill up with a good bit of sand.

So yes, it is not the ideal choice but sure, it will work.