Dagger Animas

What would one pay for a used Dagger Animas? I’ve see anywhere from $200 - $250

I wouldn’t accept one as a gift.
But for those who might consider paying for one, $200 is about right for a well used one with no major damage. Above that, it should be in better than average condition.

The Animas was repeatedly rated
high in comparison reviews of old-school river running kayaks. Disco didn’t like his because his arms were too short to control a long boat.

If you mainly want to play, the Animas is not suitable. If you want a large, comfortable, fast boat which covers ground easily and can run big water, the Animas is fine. The flat rear deck can be catchy, but I have not found it to be a problem. I paid under $300 for my Animas, good condition, several years ago. The main thing to consider now is age and superficial condition. A late Animas is more desirable because the plastic may not be as brittle. If the color is bright, the boat has probably been kept out of the sun.

You have to remember that almost no boats comparable to the Animas are being made anymore. The closest is the Prijon Chopper. Pyranha still offers the G3, a 9+ foot long kayak with at least decent speed and with a semi-planing hull. People now paddle much shorter boats with “planing” hulls, and they do things on the river that the Animas was not designed to do.