Dagger apostle

There is a 17’ Dagger Apostle for sale in the local Craigslist. Is anyone familiar with this kayak?

The Apostle is not even a choice in the kayak reviews on this website. There is very limited info in the Internet, mostly from Australia where it sells/sold new in the $1500-1800 range and weighs close to 70 lbs. I think it was made in the 1990’s.

The example I am considering is said to be in excellent condition but this is a 15 yo kayak. Any info would be helpful.

Personal inspection is needed in such
a situation. If you don’t have personal knowledge of an old model, and no one else seems able to offer it, you have to get your hands and eyes on the boat. AND your backside, to see if the boat can be outfitted for you.

My first kayak
The Dagger Apostle was my first kayak, which I traded in four months later on a used Current Designs Solstice GT.

I paddled it quite a bit in those four months on Lake Michigan and inland lakes in SE Wi. It was an OK larger kayak. Not a speed demon or sports car, but a decent entry level larger kayak.

It’s biggest sin was that the colors were reeeeeally ugly. Mine was turquoise, purple and maroon in a spatter that looked sort of like tie dye. All the Apostles I saw had this same pattern, but with different colors.

I would say it’s an entry level for a competent kayak.

Appreciate the input

Dagger Catalogs
Confluence Outdoors watercraft websites made available archived catalogs a few years ago. The 1995 Dagger catalog is when the Apostle was first introduced and it is described as having a large carrying capacity suitable for extended touring and expeditions. The link to catalogs can be found under the Services tab, top left.

Tsunami 165
Thanks for the info. It looks real close to the Tsunami 165 I’ve been looking at. The guy wants $450 for the apostle. “excellent condition” but it is almost 20 years old

I would take the Tsunami
Granted, I don’t know the difference in price, but I would take the Tsunami over the Apostle any day of my life. The Apostle has length and storage room behind the bulkheads going for it, but those are really about it’s best strengths.

The Tsunami is a decent paddling boat that you will appreciate for years to come.

I paid $800 for my Apostle new in 1996.


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There is a used tsunami 140 on CL for $775
New 145 for around $1100
REI has a Tempest 170 for $1635 plus $160 shipping
LLBean has a tsunami 165 and 175 for $1685, $60 shipping

As always, it comes down to how much I want to spend

big boat

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Which can be good or bad, depending on your size and how much you want to carry. It will be more capable in big seas and on trips than a Tsunami 14.

I picked up a used Apostle for…
$250 and the seller threw in a paddle and a pfd. It weathercocks enough that I put a rudder on it. The initial and secondary stability are off the charts. You really have to throw your weight to get this thing to tip over. Average speed. Has a stiffening tube running the length of the floor which is a real pain to seal where it passes through the bulk heads. Not the lightest kayak for it’s size. Front deck is really low so any waves that wash over do not run off to the sides.

I paddle it mostly in winter due to the upswept bow which makes seal launching or landing on ice much easier. Plus, I really don’t care if I destroy it as I got it so cheap!