Dagger Approach 9 vs 10

I weigh 220, 5’10. I mostly do rivers with lots of quiet water in between sets of class I or II rapids. I am set on an approach for the hybrid utility, but am completely confused about the new 2008 models, specifically the difference between the 9 and 10 foot models. Even some of the dealers in my area are giving me inconsistent data about capacity etc.

One general question is this - does the weight capacity listed already include the weight of the boat, or does that vary by manufacturer? In other words, at 220, if I buy a 40 pound boat, do I have to buy one with capacity for 260 pounds, or is the weight of the boat already factored in?

Secondly, anyone with any info about the 2008 approach models and the difference beween the 9 and 10 please feel free to weigh in. I am able to find some info on daaggereurope.com, but the US site is outdated. And googling gives me conflicting info about weight capacity.

Thanks for any info.


Well I spoke with dagger and the 9ft Approach has a max cap of 200 lb, the 10ft Approach 330 lb, so FYI in case anyone else is looking at these

Approach 9.0

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Mine is on the way! The 200LB limit isn't correct.
Dagger Approach 10.1 = 280LBS
Dagger Approach 9.0 = 245LBS

This is from:

Will post a review when mine arrives. They have been on backorder since I ordered in Feb. with a delivery date of 04-18 to outdoorplay, then they must ship it BACK across the US to me. :(


Well, I am not sure what to say. I spoke with Dagger in North Carolina and they told me that over the phone. I even got an email from the guy on the design team:


The specs for the approach 9 are as follows.

Length 9 ft

Width 25.5

Weight 38lbs

Deck Height 12”

Max Capacity 200 Lbs

Cockpit 36"x20"

I would recommend sticking to the 10. It will be more forgiving and should actually turn quicker than the 9 at your weight since you will be floating higher in the water."

Maybe the UK models are different? Anyway, I am getting the 2008 10ft Approach model on Friday, will let you know how I do…you do the same?

Good luck!


My experience in a 10.0
235lb and 5’10 in the 10 foot version. Feels like a Cadillac to me. You’d have a hard time flipping it… very stable (although my wife found a way off a class II ledge). I can’t see why the 9 foot wouldn’t work for you… I feel more at home size wise in my WW Liquid Logic Huck (7’11).

Great boat for what it is… cruising rivers flat water (skeg down) to Class I-II/III whitewater rivers (skeg up). Great for day trips with the hatch in the back.