Dagger Approach Skirt

 Put my new Approach on the James River Saturday. Think I am going to really like this boat. Tracks pretty well with the skeg down but will take a little getting used to without. I floated Saturday in some class I rapids without a skirt. I realize as my skills improve and I get into the II/III's, I am going to need a skirt. Problem is, on some rivers I need to be able to get in and out of the boat pretty frequently to portage. Anyone have any suggestions on what skirt will best allow me to get in and out of the boat? Thanks.

great little boat, isn’t it?
I used mine again yesterday on the Balcony Falls run and really like it. The skirt I’m using is the Seals 2.2 Nylon which costs about $60. It has an adjustable tunnel which is what I wanted for guests who will be using the boat but it does tend to let water in around the tunnel top. I’m planning to buy the Mountain Surf neoprene skirt for running whitewater. It sells for about $85. Both are available at ARC.

I’m leading another trip this coming Sunday for first timers on Balcony. You’re welcome to join us. We’re putting in about noon and taking off about 5 p.m.

Thanks again
for the feedback. I know you had mentioned those two models in a previous post. Just wasn’t sure how easy they were to get in and out of.

I appreciate the offer for Sunday but not sure if I am ready for Balcony yet. Especially without a skirt.:)I think we are going to float a section up around Buchanan this weekend. Floated Springwood to Buchanan last Sat. Nice float but perhaps a little flatter than I would prefer. Several sections of I’s that were fun. Caught several nice smallmouth bass.

Guess I showed my ignorance about skirts in my first post here. Good article below from mountainsurf.com. I think I have a little better understanding now. I think for my purposes (at least at this point)the Seals 2.2 will be fine.


Approach Sprayskirt
There is a skirt made by Harmony that is specifically for the Approach. It’s nylon and neoprene.

nylon top with velcro closure
is probably not very water resistant, but it would be easy to get in and out of. It’s available at Moosejaw.com for $90 and if you’re a paddling perks member here on p.net you get 10% off and free shipping. I’ve purchased lots of stuff from Moosejaw and been very pleased, except don’t answer their customer survey because you wind up getting on spam lists for credit cards, gift certificates, chances to win $25 and all kinds of stuff you’re probably not into.