Dagger Approach Spray Deck Help Needed

please could someone help me and tell me what is the best sprydeck for my kayak dagger approach 10.0 as im new to all this, i have no clue as what to buy.

For starters,
You could Google “kayak” and “spray deck” - or “spray skirt” (US parlance) and read some articles on making selections based upon what type of paddling you’ll be doing. There are different materials (e.g. neoprene, nylon) for paddling in different conditions.

I did a lot of research on this topic, myself, last spring before deciding on Snap Dragon brand. We are very pleased on our spray skirts and their performance. Their site has a set up that will allow you to determine which of their models will be best suited for your boat; also they have advice on deciding.

There are some critical safety issues you should know before you use your spray skirts, so you will either need to become informed on your own or get some training before you use the skirts. Enjoy!

thanks for the info as i live in the UK its allways raining ,i do lakes slow to fast rivers with some white water,i have had no training and do think about the safety issues and what i would have to do with one on and i went over

Seals Surf
neo 2.2. I am no expert on what other options are out there but the Surf has done fine for me. It is relatively inexpensive.I paddle mostly class I/II with an occasional III. I do not roll but have had to wet exit on three occasions with no trouble.

UK . . .
You have some great pros there who can offer you some expert training. Sometimes, they come over here and teach us!

Im going on a course
Im now going to obtain proper instruction on self-rescue and general safety eskimo roll ect ect,as i love kayaking but have young ones to care for and its not worth taking risks as you got me thinking about the safety, so thanks for the wake up call.

You might also try the forum at
www.arkansascanoeclub.com I know a few folks there that have the Approach 9 and 10 and might be able to give some advice.

Spray Skirt
I bought this same boat. Brooks make a skirt just for this boat. (Has Approach written on the surface) Holds very well in surf.