Dagger Approach

Have been searching all around for a so called “all around kayak” and the approach seems to really be the one (maybe the pyranha master TG but it is around 8ft). Looking to run non technical class III , float flat rivers, and paddle protected waters except for the occasional wave in the gulf. I know this is a wide variety but trying to get one boat to access all the water around me now and focus more when I move in the next year on a specific style.

If you have any other ideas I am definitely open to them. Price is not an issue but durability is. Thanks.

Check this thread:

Approach is not a flat water boat
It would definitely be too slow for the flat water and protected waters you plan to paddle. I can hustle mine along at 3 miles per hour for short distances, which will keep up with recreational canoeists heading downriver, but it would be woefully slow and tiring if you’re trying to keep up with fast recreational or touring kayaks that easily cruise at 3 to 4 mph. If most of your travel is on whitewater rivers the Approach is a good choice. For mostly flat water and bays I’d choose something very different. My particular boat of choice for lake and bay paddling is the Enlightened T16.0. It will turn well enough to run most “straight shot” rapids, and the hull is resistant to scratching so I don’t hesitate to use it for river travel. Examples of less expensive choices for river running/flat water are the Wilderness Systems Pungo and Pamlico.

Except for the gulf
I have used mine in all the circumstances you mention and love it.

Now, it’s not fast. The comment about the flat-water is true. But I usually paddle to fish, so I’m not trying to keep up with anybody, I’m usually trying to stay pretty close to where I’m at and so being slow is a benefit to me.

I have noticed a SIGNIFICANT increase in speed when I drop the skeg. I often paddle alone, so I put in on my river, paddle upriver a ways, and then float back down. When I drop the skeg, I make much better time attaining.

From my perspective, and especially if you’re not worried about speed, the Approach is a good choice. If you are worried about speed and don’t mind giving up a little maneuverability, the Dagger Blackwater 10.5 is a reasonable boat for what you want. I’ve taken them, and know several other folks who’ve taken them through non-technical Class 3 water. Not what they’re meant to do, but you’re not suicidal for trying it (assuming your paddle skills allow you, the boat isn’t a severe limitation). This assumes you are RUNNING the rapid and not PLAYING the rapid. If you are playing in the rapids, the Blackwater is a poor choice.

Good luck.

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thanks for the input, pretty sure this is the way I am going to go, think i am going to buy a tarpon 140 for the bigger water to fill in sometimes.