Dagger Atlantis Broken Integrated Rudder

So I have a old Dagger Atlantis sea kayak and broke the rudder this past weekend. Anyone have any ideas about finding a spare or retro-fitting something. I really like the boat and would hate to think that, with a broken rudder, it’s now just a 17 ft. piece of recycling plastic. Let me know.

Make the rudder stationary…
…and learn to paddle without it.

Boonedox Rudder Retrofit
Just googled the kayak. It looks like the rudder is intergrated, into the stern of the kayak. A Boonedox rudder maybe MacGyvered to fit.


You didn’t say what part is broken
If it was me, I would fabricate a new part or fix the broken part

Jack L

Every been in 20 knot quartering wind
Jack L

Thanks. I’ll check that out.

Yeah, I’m looking into that now. Just trying to reach out to see if anyone else with my boat had a similar issue and if they were able to find a replacement rudder.

Got any pictures?
One idea, depending on what’s broken: find a good fiberglass guy. I have one that I use as a go-to for any serious damage. He is also able to pretty easily fabricate parts from scratch. He can also do it in plastic. Maybe someone like this could just manufacture a new piece (if you can’t).

Yeah, thanks Fred – I’m working with someone right now to fix the rudder and possibly fabricate a new one our of rubber or aluminum.