Dagger Atlantis - Ideal paddler?

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Greetings all,

I recently picked up a Dagger Baja, and I like it alot. However, the wife now claimed it as hers :-p

Upon a strange turn of luck - I now find a Baja Atlantis kinda near me. My question is what is the ideal paddler for this kayak - by this I mean height & weight? Unfortunately I cannot try before I buy.

I am 5'6", weight yo-yos between 145-170, male.

From a quick google search - the Atlantis looks like it is geared more toward larger paddlers, while the Baja is for medium/small paddlers? Would the Atlantis feel like a barge compared to the Baja in my case?

Thanks in advance!

Check This Out
Bob, take a look at this archived 2001 dagger catalog.


You are right that it’s meant for a bigger person, max load of 335lbs for the Atlantis compared to 265 for the Baja.

However, the Atlantis is only an inch wider than the Baja, so I don’t think it will feel like a barge stability wise.

It is over a 1.5’ longer than the Baja though. So turning will be a bit more difficult I suspect. Keep in mind, it’s also heavy… This thing is listed as almost 70lbs.

Anyways, hope this helps.

I wondered what had come of the Baja deal. We were last discussing rudder operation, and thigh braces. Congratulations.

I have doubts about you, in the Atlantis… from specs, and my own memory of avoiding the Baja’s bigger sibling.

Does the Atlantis have thigh braces? How attractive is the price?

I had a Dagger Atlantis some years ago
I’m 6-2 and 230+. I felt like a barge to me. It was very stable, too stable really. It would make a good rental fleet boat…

the kayak…
The Baja didn’t come with knee braces, but got it for under 300 for just the kayak

Will update that posting whenI get to a proper keyboard

The Atlantis…it looks like it comes with knee braces however is missing the stern hatch cover and rudder release for 375…its around 180 miles away from me, but have a friend to visit while in that area…assuming its still available next weekend.

See link below


OK, I was just thinking…

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Wow, nice deal on the Baja. Glad you like it.

The Atlantis, really, probably not the boat for you. But, how bad might you want thigh braces in the Baja?

I have not checked cockpit specs, but, there's a good chance the cockpits are the same size and/or coaming shape, and you could swap them into the Baja. Then, resell the Atlantis. Those thigh braces probably sold for $60-80, back in the day. So, if you wanted to sell the boat a little bit faster, you could drop the price that much, without considering it a loss.

Hah, well, had to throw it out there.

back in 2001
Dagger made some really interesting touring kayaks back in the day. Thanks for sharing.