Dagger axis 10.5 or 12

-- Last Updated: May-10-12 11:11 PM EST --

I am trying to choose between the dagger axis 10.5 or 12. I am 5'9" at 239 lbs and dropping. Lol. Hope to lose more weight.

I would like to paddle lakes, flat water and rivers. Eventually I would like to go camping. I do light weight camping so I don't think cargo should be an issue. I am located in the MD area by the Potomac river.

In the distant future I may move up to some class 1 or 2 rapids. Which one do you guys recommend?

the 12
You’re too big for a 10’ kayak, especially if you are planning to haul camping gear. Definitely the 12 footer. You, fully outfitted, would be at the upper limit for capacity in the 10 and it would be slow.

In fact, I just recommended a buddy of mine buy that exact kayak (the Axis 12 with skeg) that was for sale locally on Craigslist and he is about the same size you are now. He wanted it for the same purposes, weekend camping and some moderate whitewater. He had been using a 9’ rec boat. He’s had the Axis out several times now and is completely thrilled with its performance. Says it tracks well but he can steer it effectively through rapids on fast creeks. And he loves the storage including for his professional photo gear.

Longer is always better when you are planning to haul gear or are a bigger guy.

Bigger is better for everything you want to do.

ordered it!
ordered the axis 12. Can’t wait.

I have a Sherpa Werner 197 cm. Should I go longer or just keep the paddle for now.

great buy
I’ve had mine for 2 year, with what you want it for you won’t be disappointed.

Axis 12
I have an Axis 12 and I also have an older Dagger Blackwater 10.5 – was replaced by the Axis line a few years back.

You can get by in a 10 footer if storage is a problem but overall I think you will be happier in the long run in the Axis.

I really love my Axis 12. Great boat for us bigger guys.