Dagger axis 10.5

Was looking at purchasing a dagger axis 10.5 and I’m 200 pounds and 6 foot and was wondering if anyone has one could give me some insight about it thanks

You’ll fit the boat, but if you can do a 12.0 Axis, you’ll fit it even better (and vice versa).

I’m 6’2, 230 lb(at least I used to be pre Covid lockdown) with size 13 feet and have an Axis 12.0. I have plenty of room, even with rubber boots on. The 12 does work well in a variety of water conditions. I suggest you install air bags in the bow and get the after market knee braces,

I rented the axis back in the day (12’). Was good. I’m 6’1”, 220… fit easily.
I now own a dagger Stratos 14.5L a year later, so I guess I was impressed!

6’3", 210ish. I have a 10.5, fit just fine. Use on flatwater & class I, II.

“I like big boats/butts I cannot lie” “Big boy” boats keep you drier and are more stable. I have never flipped my xp12 and even ran it on the new river gorge and lower gauley a few times.

Unfortunately, the cockpit height and width of any given model often increases when designers increase volume. So as the size of boat increases, the “boat body connection” often decreases. The boat often becomes less responsive and more difficult to roll but more stable. The result for me was that my larger boats (shiva large/xp12) were actually putting more strain on my body, specifically my hips and my knees. I had to be more deliberate (more tilt/lean) to make moves which required my body to do more. Kind of like teleskiing, where the body does more and takes more punishment because you are less connected and have less control. A large part of the initial appeal of a larger volume model was that they were easier to get in and out of due to really large cockpits.

My hips have been replaced and the knees are still “wanky”. So for me, this determines how long or how far I can go. So less stress on my joints is a good thing. One of the things I enjoy about paddling is that I can move much easier and with more agility while on the water than on land.

Now a days, I’m all about comfort. It has taken me several years to figure out the narrower boats fit me better despite my 212’ weight because they actually require me to do less. I’m blessed with small feet (8 1/2) so that is less of a concern for me than others. I’m kind of short waisted and top heavy so boat depth is another factor. Seat pads/shims help.

If you are a floater and not an active paddler perhaps the bigger size boat would work better or if you are looking to increase stability or dryness. I’ve come to believe that if you want to “work the river” then snug (but not uncomfortable) is better and may actually decrease joint pain.

Lastly, Dear river gods, I’m sorry I boasted. I will drink a warm pbr in your honor but not out of one of my stinky booties…and thank you river gods for teaching me humility with frequent unexpected swims in all of my other boats.

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