Dagger Axis 12 owners

Couple of questions for dagger axis 12 owners

Where did you buy your thigh pads? Brand?

Cockpit cover? Brand?

Skirt? brand and what size? Any white water skirts?

What size paddle are you using?


Go CO for uravan.

axis 12
If you meant thigh braces Harmony sells them.

I use a Seals cockpit cover and Seals sneak spray shirt 2.2.

Paddle, Aquabound Stingray

Haven’t done whitewater yet, but when I do will be acquiring a Werner bent shaft paddle and Seals neoprene skirt before I hit the rapids.

Hope this helps

thigh braces
are harmony the only company that makes thigh braces for the axis 12?

thigh braces
Only Harmony makes a thigh brace especially for the Axis as Harmony is part Confluence Watersports who make the Dagger brand as well as Wilderness Systems, Perception, Wave Sport, Mad River Canoe, Adventure Technology, and Bomber Gear.

If you are looking for OEM parts for those brands Harmony is the place to go.

I don’t think I have seen any other braces that would fit the Axis without some mods.