Dagger Blackwater? Anyone have one

I am looking to buy a dagger blackwater 10.5 for overnight trips and fishing. I have an otter right now and i saw this one online. It offers some storage and a drop down skeg? Anyone have any reviews on this kayak?


I don’t have this boat. But there are 13 reviews for this boat on Pnet. Look under “Product Reviews” on the left hand column of this page. Hope this helps.

here it is
the product reveiw for the Blackwater 10.5:


I have one!
It is very comfortable but not really much faster than many other 9 or 10 foot boats. It is fun in surf and up to class 3 white water and it is more comfortable than the old style whitewater boats but faster than the modern boats. It is a nice all around rec boat but if you are looking for something a lot different than an otter then I’d look for more of a performance boats. I think a Necky manitou might be better for sea kayaking type paddling, but the blackwater is nice for slow twisty rivers with and occasional rapid.