Dagger Blast info needed

Can anyone give me some info on the Dagger Blast? I have a chance to buy one but there are no reveiws so I’m hoping that someone can help.


Old style child’s/small person WW boat
The Blast used to be one of the few options for a plastic whitewater kayak for kids and very small adults. 120 lbs is probably pushing it for upper weight limit of the occupant. I’ve met a few female paddlers who still paddle Blasts. It’s not a hull design that most people prefer these days.

Your profile shows you in Indiana, paddling slow rivers. The Blast (assuming you are small enough for it) will require constant paddle attention to keep it from veering off course. Stop paddling, and it’ll do a 180 within 20 feet. That’s normal behavior for a whitewater design…

Just now saw your other thread
Given your weight and other info in the other thread, I think you’d probably have more fun in a Pirouette S than in a Blast. A bit more speed in the flats, and it’ll be more forgiving.

My 5’ wife bought one a few years ago to use as a pool boat. The only folks offering rolling clases had nothing small and she was frustrated at falling out.

The Blast fits her with the bulkhead all the way back towards the cockpit. At 5’9’, 155 it’s a very tight fit on me, so it might be a nice snug fit for you. It’s not as deep as the Pirouette.

It does have a flat aft deck, a common feature form the period when evryone wanted to do stern squirts.


You’re near the top of the suggested weight range, which will make it easier to bury the ends if you want to. Wind on flat water won’t be a problem.

Paddling an old-school boat on flatwater isn’t a problem once you get used to it. Just don’t use a paddle that’s too long.

Thanks to everyone for the help! You guys are always helpful!!

Blast is kind of like a little Animas,
except that the Blast has sharper lines. The Blast used to work very well on easy slalom courses, paddled by small people. New school boats almost universally suck on slalom courses.