Dagger Canoe Gunnel Plugs

Can anyone suggest a source for the little vinyl caps or plugs that cover up the screw holes in Dagger’s vinyl gunnels?

Wish I could
I am missing 4 myself. As my Legend has gotten older, it seems like they just fall out on their own when its on the trailer. I tried calling Mad River/Confluence and tried explaining what I was looking for and I got the “over the phone” equivalent of a dumb look. They had no idea what I was talking about, but they said that they did not have them. I have not found a suitable substitute, but I am pretty sure that Dagger was not fabricating them, so somebody must make them.

Got to be more…
than two of us looking. One used boat I looked at was missing a couple so it sounds like a common thing.

If this doesn’t turn up something I’ll try to look at home centers and a fastener place locally.

That makes sense that Dagger wasn’t manufacturing them or even having someone else make 'em specially for them. Surely it would have been something they could get fairly readily.

Seems like I’ve seen similar plugs for covering screw holes on put it together yourself furnature.

They’re called “bungs.”

Dagger gunnel plugs
I have a dagger venture and needed to replace a few. Found very similiar plugs at Lowes in the specialty fasteners section in the screws and bolts area. They fit nicely. Found them about 2 years ago…have no idea if they still carry them.

I’ll give Lowe’s a check. Some simillar looking bungs (these guys call 'em hole plugs) turn up in a google search but it would be nice to get a first hand look.

Yep, found some in the specialty screws area at Lowes. They look like they should work fine. They’re not the same but who will care. I got a couple in the 1/2 size and they seem a tad loose on fit so I thought I’d try some 9/16. A bit of adhesive should do the trick otherwise.