Dagger canoe

I know Dagger’s been out of the canoe business for at least 3 yrs., but I just ran across a Dagger Venture 17 canoe for sale a couple hours drive from my house. Some of you know a thing or two about the boats, so I thought you could tell me about their quality, load capacities, specs, float characteristics, etc. I need for deer hunting, flatwater trips in central California mountains. The guy wants $800 OBO and will throw in 2 paddles and a cartop Thule rack (which probably won’t do me any good with my F250). Has any company picked up their warranty service? Anyhow, thanks for whatever comments provided.

check the
product reviews to the left. I’ve had a reflection 15 for 5 or 6 years now and have been happy with quality. Decent royalex. Venture is a different animal, sounds more like what you’re looking for. Mad River got some of Daggers molds, but they’re not covering any warranty items to the best of my knowlege.

Dagger Canoes
Owned one, the guy I sold it to will probably get several more years out of it. Very well built. The royalex in the Dagger’s were similar to the thick, heavy duty royalex in the old Mad River canoes. As for the Venture 17, it’s been about 15 years since I paddled one, but remember it as being a large, comfortable hull to move arround in; similar to a Mad River Revelation. Should be an ideal hull for hunting or fishing from, and Dagger’s were very well made canoes and some nice hulls. It’s too bad they’re not made anymore. WW

Developed for tripping by Cliff
Jacobson and friends. He wanted something faster than the Legend, with more capacity. We looked at one, but didn’t have the moola for a new one. Not a ton of them built. If you need a Royalex tripping boat to carry a load and this one’s in good shape, go for it. You’ll be able to pack out that moose. Well, part of a big moose.