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Hi all, I saw an ad for a Caption yesterday and have heward some good things in the past about this boat. I would like to hear any impressions about the boat from people in the know. One question I have for sure is whether it can be paddled solo, and how it handles solo. Most of my paddling is solo, but when my son is with me we have paddled tandem. Thanks.

Have not paddled a Caption, though
I have a similar boat, the Mad River Synergy. I paddle it solo regularly. The Caption is somewhat wider than the Synergy, so it is more maneuverable and ferries better. To be truly comfortable paddling a Caption solo under a range of conditions, I think you should be at least 6 feet tall and over 180 pounds. A lighter, smaller paddler would be better off with a smaller boat.

I know several people who have Captions (or Vertige Xs or Probe 14s) just because they are tandem boats that can easily be paddled solo. Lots of older playboats (Genesis, H2Pro) aren’t much smaller!

But if you’re used to a narrower, lighter 12’ playboat, especially if you’re not a big, strong person, the Caption won’t be a joy to paddle on technical whitewater.

The real challenge isn’t the hull, it’s the saddles and outfitting.

If you have it set up for tandem but want to solo it a lot, you’ll need adjustable saddles. Paddling it solo in ww from the stern position is OK, but doesn’t really compare to paddling it from a true centre position.

Good boat though, tandem or solo.


for the input. I appreciate it. I am 6’1" and 200#. I doubt it would get much tandem use. I may check into it further. What I really want is a solo WW boat, but any used canoe is kind of hard to find up here.

Did you look in Product Reviews?
Product reviews has 5 posts on the Caption. Suggest you check it out.


I started there, and also googled some info. I think I will give the guy a call today. I am going paddling on the Yellowstone tomorrow. Maybe he’d let me try it out.

You could solo the Caption, but it is a tandem canoe. If you’re looking for a solo, you should probably get a solo, especially if the Caption has tandem outfitting that you’d have to re-do.

If it’s already set up for solo and its avaialble for a good price, pick it up as a starter boat, but if you’re likin’ the ww action, you’ll soon want to get a smaller solo boat.

If you’re on big rivers all the time and just paddlin’ down maybe you’ll like the 14’ boat, but on lower-volume, bouldery rivers with smaller eddies and waves, and if you want to play a lot, it’s better to have a real solo canoe.


I’ve soloed one before
Brilliant boat, if you ask me. I wish Dagger never stopped making them.

Handles fine as a solo and makes a great tandem playboat. Actually requires more skill as a tandem than as a solo - very stable as a solo.

This is also true of the MR Synergy.
Cranky as a tandem, but fast and predictable as a solo. I have no trouble with technical moves, and the speed makes attainments and ferries to reach playspots pretty easy. One thing, though. Do not side-surf a Synergy. A very snappy and ugly experience.

chose not to buy
The Caption is set up for tandem without the third solo saddle, so I decided against it. If anyone else might be interested I have the gentleman’s number. He is in Kalispel, MT. Thanks again for the input all.

NEW Caption
Mad River just re-introduced the Caption. This is the original Dagger canooe that sooo many know and love!

yes, as stated, the C works well as a solo for bigger paddlers and could double as a tandem for you. soundz perfecto!!! just figure out a convertible saddle system and you’re good to go!


old info online

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Where does Confluence post these new products? I've been hearing for quite some time that Mad River is making the Legend, but it's not mentioned anywhere on their website or in any of the printed materials I run across in random Confluence dealerships. So now they apparently have two old Dagger models that are in 'secret' production :).