Dagger Caption?

I hope someone can give me a hand here. I have a Dagger WW Canoe, red, 14’6" long with a lot of rocker(slightly more in front). There’s no name associated with it other than Dagger. It handles great, turns well and is clearly a whitewater boat. Any idea as to what I have?

I thought Caption, but I think the Caption is 14’ long. Encore? I just don’t know.



Might well be an Encore. What’s the
beam? There was an earlier tandem, the Caper, but I don’t know the Caper’s length offhand.

Iffin’ ah’ recollect…
me ol’ Encore wuz 13’2".


yeah Encores 13’2"

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found a pretty good page here.

Caper cited at 14’ 4". Close enough for
government work.


Dagger Caption
Dagger Caption specs:

Length: 14 feet

Max width: 32 inches

At waterline: 30 inches

Depth: 23/15/23 inches

Hull: Asmmetrical/Shallow Arch/Tumblehome

Weight: 62 lbs/Royalex

Retail Price/1999 $999.00

Small, highly manueverable tandem, could handle class III with ease, and some class IV in the hands of 2 experienced paddlers.


He could get the HIN and pursue it
that way, but I think I can tell a Caption from a Caper without measuring for the 4" length difference. The Caper I watched being run tandem on the Nolichucky at 2200 cfs had a definite pivot bulge in the central area, similar to the Encore. Captions are a bit narrower, have lots of rocker, but no pivot bulge.

Thanks for help with dagger ID