Dagger Catalyst 12.8

This boat looks like a true river running/sea kayak compromise. Have any of you guys paddled it?

I graduate from college next May, and I’m looking to buy a boat for myself. I live in South Carolina, and I am trying to find a boat that can handle rough water and tracks well while also being able to navigate upper reaches of the mild rivers in the area (making my lust for the Chatham 16 completely impractical).

Thanks again.


Dagger catalyst 13.0
I bought myself a catalyst 13,0 which is probably almost the same kayak but for the bigger paddler.

I like mine but I have only used it about five times. It seems to track well (I don’t have a Rudder) and no real complaints.

The best thing I like about it is I can place it in the back of my truck with the tailgate down and if I place it somewhat diagonally it overhangs a couple of feet.

Overall not a bad kayak, I would think that the catalyst 12.8 and 13.0 are pretty similiar


I am a bigger paddler too. I wasn’t sure how much the few inches would make in the handling, or if I would need to go with the larger model.

I am 6’4, 240lbs–a pretty big guy to be sure. I’m just looking for something versatile and maneuverable.

big paddler

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I weigh 295 and I am 6'2" I forgot to mention that on the Catalyst 13.0 the footpegs don't go back as far as I need them to be. And my long legs usually rests on the front bulk head instead of the last position of the footpegs. I don't know what the Catalyst 12.8 will be like, especially with your longer legs.
If you have a chance to demo this kayak it might give you a feel of the kayak, or at the very least just sit in one and see how it would fit your legs.

Before buying, try out . . .
the Necky Manitou.