Dagger Catalyst

Anyone have experience with this model?

I paddled one once and it was OK. It had a big open cockpit and was very stable. It is like many of the other short, roomy rec boats. It would be great for lakes and very slow rivers and creeks. That is the way I remember it.

Saw one today and it looked
like a decent starter boat that would work okay on lakes and mild whitewater. The blue one is pretty.


had one for a couple years
It is definitely a great starter boat. Stable but still fast, real nice rudder system, tight hatches if you want to do an overnighter. It has a very big cockpit and no thigh braces (at least not in the model year I had) so it is great for building confidence and practicing re-entry drills but not that good if you are trying to learn rolling (I would venture to say that without some kind of add on thigh braces it would be virtually impossible to roll this boat, but I’m sure some people have.) I dragged mine over everything and it was definitely tough enough. The seat was comfortable but not perfect…the back support part inflated but the actually seat was pretty tough, I eventually bought a seat from yakpads and added it, it was much more comfortable. Overall though a great starter boat and due to its short length great for exploring tight areas and swamps where a bigger sea kayak couldn’t make it.