Dagger Crossover question

I have a friend who is just getting into paddling and is looking at the Dagger Crossover and asked me what I thought of them.

I don’t have a clue about them, but figured that someone here might have one and would be kind enough to give their opinion of them.

Jack L

Axis or Approach?
If Axis, forget it. A dog of a boat. Go with the Liquid Logic or Pyranha. Haven’t paddled the Approach. It may be fine.

Never paddled a Crossover, but
it was probably too skewed toward flatwater to be acceptable for whitewater. A person could get down the Nantahala ok in a Crossover, but wouldn’t be able to do a lot along the way.

The combo kayaks appearing now appear to be designed to be capable of serious whitewater river running, at some sacrifice of flatwater glide. The Crossover might be faster than most of them, but what does that give you?

Better to buy two used kayaks.

The Approach is a pretty capable boat and well suited for beginners in Class I and Class II whitewater. Drop the skeg and it works out on the lake (though I wouldn’t plan any long trips).

If they want a boat that is better at whitewater, look at the Liquid Logic XP series or the Jackson AllWaters.

Ah, Crossover, not crossover
Sorry, I thought you were asking about the generic crossovers from Dagger. There is a reason that THE Crossover was replaced. It was an early attempt at a crossover. Either get a more modern version of a crossover or take G2D’s advice and get two used boats.

jackson rogue has replaced allwater

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I've heard that compared to the LL XP series and the Fusions, it is a bit (at least a bit) less WW-oriented.