Dagger Crossover Skeg

I bought an older Dagger Crossover kayak and wondered if anyone can tell me how the skeg was originally attached. Mine was screwed on with an old rusty bolt and wing nut, which didn’t look original. Thought there might be a more elegant way to use it!


Skeg was a WingNut Attach

– Last Updated: May-08-13 11:04 AM EST –

I own a Dagger Crossover and the skeg was held on by
a very simple WingNut that you tightened a few turns.
It was encased in some plastic to make it look nice
- but it was still a simple wingnut none the less.

It was a pain in the tush when you approached shallow
areas since it couldn't be removed from the cockpit.

As I became a better paddler, I eventually tossed the skeg

I also swapped the horseshoe shaped thigh braces
for the more aggressive version, more padding.

The plastic foot pegs got swapped out for aluminum

The back band was replaced with a Bomber Gear product

Wing Nut
Well, maybe I’ll just repair mine with a nicer Stainless Steel nut and bolt. I probably won’t use it much, either, but I’d like to see how it affect surfing, if at all. I like my thigh braces, but the footpegs are horrible! Definitely will be replacing those!



Aluminum footpegs
Everyone has personal likes and dislikes for footpegs.

The plastic ones that came with the Dagger Crossover

popped out during pool rolling sessions and I changed

them out the first month I had the boat.

I went with the Yakima Aluminum Rails


Werner seems to have Aluminum Rails as well


Maybe call ahead and verify the screw hole distance

before ordering to verify exact match to the hull.