Dagger Edisto - cockpit size?

Dagger Edisto Kayak - cockpit size?

I found a Dagger Edisto kayak on Craigslist for $300 today. I am a largish woman (5’ 4", 180 lb.).

Does anyone here know this boat? Will I be able to fit into the cockpit?

You’d be fine

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The cockpit on the Edisto was 34 x 19, so someone your size should fit comfortably.

If I remember correctly, there's a rear storage hatch on the Edisto, but no bulkheads, so pick up a set of end floatation bags if the boat doesn't have them. They won't provide as much safety factor as bulkheads, but they make the process of pumping out and getting back under way less painful.

Lastly...$300 is high, considering the market these days. Unless it comes with a decent paddle and skirt, I'd be looking for a price more in the $200-230 range on a boat that old.

Thank you!
Here is the link:


Now to contact the seller!

They’ve got some upgrades
With the bag, bulkhead, skirt, and thighbraces, the $300 is reasonable.

Re the dents on the bottomside, they’re not hard to remove/reduce using gentle pressure and heat. HOWEVER, with poly that old, proceed with caution.

Actually, since I’m in the midwest too, with the temps that are predicted this weekend (well below 0), I would avoid moving the boat at all until the weather warms up a bit. Polyethylene gets brittle in sub-0 temps, and the older the boat, the more possible it is to crack the boat if it’s accidentally dropped or struck by a hard object (and when it’s this cold, people have a tendency to be clumsy moving around big objects). If you like the deal, see if the seller is willing to hang on for a few days until the air temps move back up above 20.

Good advice!
With the predicted subzero temps the next several days moving the boat wouldn’t be my idea of fun, so I’ll be heeding your advice!

I’ve made plans with the seller to look at the boat Tuesday afternoon. It’s still going to be too cold for comfort though - I’m hoping I can wait till a thaw to pick it up. The seller is located close to my home. Thanks again for all your help! :smiley: