Dagger Fiesta / Perception Sundance

Hello All, this is my first post in this forum! :wink:

I have a large (17 ft), two person expedition kayak. It’s big and pretty heavy, so I decided to buy something more portable, for solo trips, just me and the water.

I need: a small, light and portable poliethylene kayak for short trips, able to go little, fast lowland rivers, but also behaving acceptably on flat water.

I have two kayaks “on target” to choose from:

  1. Perception Sundance - seems to be suitable, great reviews
  2. Dagger Fiesta - looks neat, but no reviews at all. What is it?? No data on Dagger’s site.

    Also considered: RTM Solo Sandwich, Perception Sierra.

    Please, help me choose.

    I’m a 185cm, 230 lb.

Necky has some pretty good offerings
in that range. Did you check their site, and was there anything you liked?

Perception Sundance / Dagger Fiesta
Unfortunately, I don’t have any Necky dealer nearby.

I have a sundance and find it performs well on the ozark rivers where I paddle. I have rigged mine for fishing as thats what I do most of the time. It can handle pretty shallow water and is quite stable. It can handle the larger rivers as well but is not suited for large open water. The cockpit is huge, which is great for fishing but not for open water.