Dagger hatch covers

Anybody know if the dagger oval hatch covers fit universally across their models? I scoured the dagger site and couldn’t find any specs other than a part number for older models. I’m mainly curious if the Katana and Stratos rear hatches are the same. (I’d like to toss a Jackson Hard Hat on my stratos 14.5, and know they fit the Katanas). Like to get a hard answer from someone who knows for sure before I spend the 75 bucks.

The first thing that I’d recommend is to contact Dagger directly. They have a customer service number on the web site. Have any serial numbers from the boats if possible.

I also recommend TopKayaker. Use their Contact page https://topkayaker.com/index.php?main_page=contact_us to ask Tom Holtey directly. He is extremely knowledgeable and responds very quickly. Better than guessing. I’ve bought a number of hatch covers from him, some for boats long out of production.

A Dagger customer service representative will be able to obtain the necessary information regarding like-sized hatch covers across their model platforms.

And I’m going to agree about contacting Tom at TopKayaker. Super nice guy, fair prices, knows a lot!

Well, I tried contacting Dagger a few times and just didn’t have the time to wait my turn… the least amount of people inline ahead of me was 12… and they move about 1 every 5 minutes.

I had to pick up a new cockpit cover and backup paddle anyway, so I drove to Rutabaga in Madison Wisconsin. The guys there were super awesome and just dragged a few boats next to each other and we swapped all the rear hatches.

end result… anything with one of those “dagger/perception oval covers” will be interchangable with anything else that has the same style hatch. What I needed, stratos/katana interchangability was a success.

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