dagger interlude info?

Anybody own or have experience with this 16’ 5" canoe? I’m looking for something for downriver racing in class 2+ to class IV water. Everyone seems to use penobscots and sundowners. How does this compare in terms of speed and tracking?

The interlude did very well in downriver racing during its short production life. It is an odd hull with a sort of rounded V bottom and fair amount of rocker. More maneuverable than the Penobscot and very quick for exceleration and sustained speed on the flats. It was popular with downriver racers, but not recreational paddlers and was dropped from the Dagger line when the Legend and Passage models went into production.

Thanks for the info. I’m quite sure of it’s manuverability and dryness, but I’m concerned it may have too much rocker to compete against the penobscots. Have you ever paddled one? Does it want to go straight?

In the early 1990s
The Interlude was competing well against the Penobscot.

I have owned an Interlude for some years,

and its speed and acceleration is very good,

but does suffer from the influence of wind

because it does not track that well.

Without wind it may be faster than a Penobscot,

with wind it is not faster?

Never raced against a Penoboscot, so.

relatively dry too the Interlude

interlude vs penobscot
From photos of the Interlude it looks like it has higher sides than the penobscot, especially in the bow and stern, which probably accounts for the problems in wind. It also looks like the bow entry lines are not as sharp as the penobscot. I hate buying canoes before I paddle them, but I have a chance to buy one of the Interludes at a good price. My big concern is that someone like me who’s used to fast boats that like to go stright will be disappointed with the speed and tracking of the Interlude.