Dagger Jitsu skirt size

Anyone with experience with the Jitsu know if I could use a 1.7 size Seals (Pro Rand) skirt with it? Or would that be a little too loose?

Thanks in advance.

Seals says it takes a 1.4
Seals’ sizing chart says the Jitsu takes their size 1.4. Usually I go by what they say, but I bought a used Dagger RPM a few years ago which supposedly had the same coaming dimensions as the Jitsu and for which Seals also recommends the 1.4.

But the seller of the RPM included an all-neoprene rand type sprayskirt which, per the label, was a Seals 1.7, not a 1.4. That 1.7 skirt was good and snug on the RPM but it was way too small for my Venture Easky 15LV touring boat, even though Seals’ chart says the 1.7 is the size for that. Even with two of us pulling the 1.7 neo with both hands with the boat sitting on the ground, it was obvious that it was at least an inch too short and a couple of inches too narrow. We could only get the rand barely over the lip with the deck stretched so tight that the slightest motion popped the whole thing off. On the other hand, I have a Seals 1.7 nylon bungie skirt that fits the same Easky perfectly.

So either their chart is off or the 1.7 neo skirt I had was mis-marked and was actually a 1.4.

One thing you might do is order both a 1.4 and 1.7, see which one fits best and return the one that doesn’t.