Dagger Katana 10.4 Bulkhead issue

So I’ve been having a little trouble with the adjustable bulkhead. In order for the bulkhead to have a nice snug fit in the front i need to push it with only 4 holes (in the bracket) free on my side of the nut. But when its that far I can barely brace my feet against it. It feels much closer and comfortable with 7 or 8 holes free however it leaves too much space between the inside rim of the bow and the bulkhead so that it swings down and up. I’m 6.0ft btw but it feels that i need to actually move the seat forward so the bulkhead can be snug and I can brace my feet against it. Im only slightly opposed to moving the seat cause it’s a little tedious and i’ve already got my seat adjusted very nicely. Not sure what I’m missing here.

I used the foam cut outs that dagger provided and cut them down to shape the bulkhead, but honestly I don’t think I should have cut them at all.

I’ve watched a lot of videos on dagger kayaks bulkheads but none were on the unique bulkhead that the katana has. SO…At this point I believe I have three options.

  1. Keep the bulkhead closer to me so that my feet can naturally brace against it. Buy some minicell foam and cut into wedges that I can stick down to the bottom or top of the inside near my feet (Foam wedge sloped away from me) so that I can push the bulkhead up the sloped wedge and create a more snug holding position to prevent the bulkhead moving up and down.
  2. Keep the bulkhead at a further distance from me, assuring that it remains in total contact on the bottom and top of the bow. Then buy foam blocks and brace them against the bulkhead so I can have more contact with my feet.
  3. Attempt to move the whole Contour Ergo seat forward several inches and bring the bulkhead a little closer.

If anyone else has run into this weird issue feel free to drop any tips!


My answer is to go with #1 (position the bulkhead properly), but it isn’t clear to me what the problem is? The bulkhead moves when positioned properly for your legs? When your legs are pressing, it seems it wouldn’t move. And when you legs aren’t on it, not clear how a moving bulkhead would matter.

Can you buy a replacement foam cut out from Dagger and put that in without trimming? Could that stop any movement?

Hi Peter, thanks for your comment. Well, I was under the impression that the bulkhead should be at a position in the bow were it supports the boat (you can press down on the top and the feel the bulkhead stop you from bending the plastic in). The bulkhead, when moved close to me where I can comfortably brace my feet against it, shifts up and down which makes me feet like my feet are on a small pendulum or like a swing.

A regular bulkhead (like on a touring kayak) would provide support to the deck, but the moving bulkhead/foot rests may not. They also won’t provide a sealed flotation area in front of the bulkhead as a non-moving sealed one would, so putting a float bag there is beneficial.

If the moving annoys you, I would either do the shims you mentioned, or replace the part you trimmed with one that fits more tightly (so less, or no, trimming).

As another Katana 10.4 owner …

The foot brace/bulkhead of the Katana is not meant to be a structural component. That is for the removable center pillar to provide. Nor is it meant to be water tight, a la the rear bulkhead. Both the center pillar & bow bulkhead are meant to be removable to allow for gear storage & float bag utilization.

So far as the movement/play that is present in the bulkhead, I’ve personally never noticed it in a detrimental nature.
I feel that it is akin to how the accelerator pedal in your automobile also pivots, to allow for your individual ergonomics.
In fact—once seated inside—I’ve never noticed the bulkhead even moving/shifting whilst paddling … :man_shrugging:t4:
My feet brace against it (it surely pivots in response to the pressure & placement of my feet), but otherwise, I never notice move.

So far as where to locate said bulkhead, I would position it so that your thighs are snuggly, yet comfortably tucked into the thigh braces & your legs/feet rest against the bulkhead; w/ minimal “reaching” w/ your toes to contact the foot brace.

Connecting all of these dots will best make your body one w/ your boat, & allow for proper & efficient operation & control of your yak.