Dagger Latitude Composite????

Does anyone like this boat? I found a deal on a kevlar one, but the reviews on the forum are poor (or at least 2 out of 3 of them)

I paddled the boat and really liked it (which is really what matters). I found it to be very maneuverable, comfortable, and its great secondary stablity made it very easy to edge. I was not crazy about the rudder system mostly because I found it very sensitive, but it had some advantages especially in that it can be employed without sacrificing stationary footpegs.

Just wondering if any of you like this boat.



My wife paddles one and likes it. I originally bought it for me and she likes it better than her Meridian SK. After outfitting the larger volume cockpit for her, she feels very comfortable in the boat. She likes the stability and the length gives her some extra speed. She has paddled it on Lake Erie in 3-5 ft. seas and had no problems. She rarely uses the rudder and she loves the weight savings over her old glass boat.

Here’s some info
I haven’t tried one, but a local dealer has some impressions. Search for ‘meridian’ on this page. It is mentioned several times.



Thanks for your reply to my post.

I was wondering if you could tell me how you and your wife like the integral rudder system?

I have found that it is very senstive and am not sure how well it will work for improving tracking on windy days given that it seems to be easy to overcorrect. Has she found the rudder to be effective for tracking in high winds? Does she have problems with oversteering?

thanks for your help