Dagger (Mad River?) Legend 15 ok for

first WW/river boat? Want to get into some day trip/ovrnite river running and I-II WW in central/ western NC and thinking of putting a triple saddle, straps, and bags in it just for both solo, and tandem WW with my grandkids/friends. Tough Rx and still in good condition but worth the effort and cost, or should I try to sell/swap it for other boat choice? Thanks, Rick

I had a legend 16 for 10 years and used it for solo whitewater tripping. Was really good for extended trips (10-14 days) with lots of gear and II/III water. As you know, they’re not fast on the flats, but I’m wasn’t concerned with making good time. As my experience grew I started doing more WW for WW’s sake and soon found that horsing a 16ft boat through class III and trying to play takes alot of energy. Ended up buying a MR Outrage which was a whole lot more fun and less work.

But as your post says, you plan on I/II water with some possible overnighters. The Legend 15 should be fine for that purpose…but beware, when the WW bug gets its claws in ya, you’ll be looking for a much shorter, WW specific boat.

Good Luck