Dagger mamba 7.5

im looking to buy a 7.5 daggger mamba. the specs state that it hold a paddler 130-170, i weight 195. would this be a bad kayak for me or would i be able to get away with it? im getting a really good deal on it but if it is just by far too small i guess i will pass. what do you guys think?

Mamba 8.0 instead?
I think you may want to reconsider the 7.5 and look for a deal on the 8.0, if it’s definitely a Mamba you want, rather than just a really great deal on a WW boat. The stern of a 7.5 may sink a bit in your weight range and make stability and control an issue. wd

Too Small
How do you plan on using it? The Mamba is a pretty good creek boat. If you plan on creeking / or doing some whitewater I’d definitely pass.

i am just getting into the sport, for now it would be paddling on flat water. Its hard to pass up, only 180 for the boat, and its in stellar condition

nice deal… but
You are too big for the boat. However you could buy it and resell it or trade up to a larger size. The Mamba is a popular boat. 180 for Mamba in stellar condition sends up a couple red flags.

  1. Is it stollen?
  2. Is there a crack that may not be easily identified. Check carefully, not just on the hull but where the seat bolts in and under the back portion of the cockpit rim.
  3. Check the serial number. If its a blem or demo boat. This may not be a negative but maybe explains the low ball price somewhat.

    A used Mamba in stellar condition should cost 450-550.

    Good luck.

guy moved
was a younger guy (20s) and he moved because of a job and couldnt take his kayaks. they are sitting at his uncles house and his uncle wants them out ASAP. i might go look at it, but used kayaks are hard to come by down in the desert :frowning: