Dagger Mamba 8.1 vs 8.6

Hey All,

I have the chance to get a great deal on a Mamba 8.1 creeker, but I’m 5’11", 205. I’m wondering how it wi perform with my size.


Wrong size
Everything I know about this decision says you need the 8.6. I weigh less than you and currently paddle an 8.5 (the previous model). I passed on a great deal on an 8.1 because I knew I would regret it.

Mamba 8.6
I am 6’1 and 190 and paddled a Mamba 8.1. Great boat, but it always felt undersized for me and when I had on all my WW gear, I am pretty sure I was close to 200lbs, especially wet.

I agree with DesertDave, the 8.6 is probably a better choice because of your weight, but nothing beats demo’ing each one if you can. Good luck!

for the great advice. I passed on it. I’m going to hold out for an 8.6. Just wish we had a better selection in the Louisville area.