Dagger Mamba Seat Riser

Recently bought a new Mamba 8.0, my first new whitewater kayak. Came with a seat riser and a second piece of plastic that doens’t seem to fit anywhere and I can’t figure out what it is. Any body have any experience installing the seat riser and know what this other piece may be. I would love pictures of the seat riser installed if possible.

Never owned a mamba

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but I see your question is also on Boatertalk which is good, also contact Dagger if you don't have satisfactory answer. See ya downsteam.

alternate bulkhead?
Could it be a smaller or bigger front bulkhead? Depending on your leg length, you want a bulkhead that will fill the space so your feet cannot get wedged in if you slam into something solid.

What SactoBob said
The extra piece of plastic is an alternate or extension for the bulkhead/footbrace.

I have the Mamba 8.5 and LOVE IT!!!

It is the Barkolounger/Lazyboy of creek boats. In my case, it covers up a lot of bad paddling skills :slight_smile:

Have fun.


I put the Jackson Sweet Cheeks seat in mine and have been very happy. Kind of nice to be able to adjust the seat when the paddle day gets long. I am not sure what the seat riser is?