Dagger Meridian Gel Coat--Burnt Orange..


I have a Dagger Meridian that got damaged in shipping. I am getting it repaired, but can’t find any gel coat to match the finish.

My boat is burnt oragne.

Does anyone know where I can get some gel coat that would match? Dagger has not been any help (as I would have expected).

If I cannot find anything else I will probably tell the shop to use some of the gel coat for Current Design’s dark orange color that they make. It is close, but probably not perfect.



Even ASSuming the repair place knows…
what to do when it comes to gelcoat, don’t hold your breath that they can match the color… orange is a nighmare. One really has to have a bunch of colors ( i.e orange) + yellows + browns + gold etc. to match it.

Thing is, there are only a few gelcoat manufacturers in the U.S.

Lilly 1 ( 800) 472-6243 ( Outside Ca.)

Manufacturer ( Lilly) name of color: Burnt Orange Code 5N - 23 This color is actually closer to ‘real’ orange than their other orange that looks more ’ burnt.’ ( IMO) which they simply call “Orange” Code # 5N - 12

You will probably have to buy at least a gallon of this and pay HazMat shipping fees if you order it from them… you might be lucky and have a chemical co. nearby who can mix it for you. Even then the color might not be exact… but should be able to blend pretty good.

Another one you might look for is Glidden 1 ( 216) 892-2900,

Their Orange is # GK-34 or GK - 25 for what looks more like Burnt Orange… no names on these only codes.

This is all I have here… my guess is that the Kayak co. used the same name and your boats gelcoat in manufactured by Lilly.

Years ago, I noticed the CD colors matched the Lilly chart … you might try to order a 35mm canister full fro either boat Manufacturer.

Hope this helps.

Was this a used boat, if so how was it shipped?

I was trying to get some gel from Current Designs but when they moved they changed some colors and now mine is not available. I was led to believe that they mixed their own colors. GH

Gelcoat kits are available…
…that come with a range of tints that will allow you to mix any color you need. You’ll have use yellow, red and probably a bit of brown. Very little tint is necessary with the quantities of gelcoat needed for most repairs.

Here’s an example of one such kit:


Here’s one tip that will make repairs easier in the future:

Start with more resin than you think you’ll need. Mix the color until you get it right, then pour some of the tinted resin into a sealable container. Add hardener to the rest of it and apply it to the boat.

If you’re not satisfied with the color match (it may change slightly as it cures), sand off the cured gelcoat, adjust to color of the gelcoat you set aside and try again.

Once you’re satisfied with the color match, keep the container of extra tinted resin in the fridge (to extend its shelf life) for future use.