Dagger meridian Kevlar

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Please help me with an asking price for my Dad's dagger meridian Kevlar. He bought it new when it came out in 97 ( a 98 model I think) I have the original receipt, he was new to kayaking but always bought the best of everything. He paddled it out to Deer Island from Biloxi twice and then practiced in the pool with it a few times. With a fear that it would turn over and him not being able to get it straight, he never used it again. It has been hanging from the ceiling in his garage ever since. It is in perfect condition and has accessories that totaled $500. Thank you


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It's a buyers market. In one sense it's priceless but if you want to sell it that should do it. When you say "accessories" I'm assuming skirt, paddles, pfd, and other misc items. $100 should clear it out.

The Meridian is a desirable kayak.

Good luck

closer to $2k

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I would think closer to $2k for boat and gear, as this is a Kevlar boat. $500-750 is more what I see for plastic touring kayaks.

I’ve seen a few fiberglass models going on Craigs list for $1,000.00

I have a Meridian SKS and really like it.

Who was doing composite layup
for Dagger in '97? If it was made at the old Dagger factory in east central Tennessee, then the work may be very, very good. Andy Bridge, a maker of excellent slalom and downriver racing boats (vacuum bagged S-glass over Kevlar) was at that time the head honcho at Dagger. Gave me the plant tour and let me paddle his personal c-1.

Not long after was the merger and breakup. Andy went to work for Werner. I don’t know where he is now.

It’s like Salty says, you need to know not only what it is supposedly made of, but also who laid it up.

Dagger meridian kayak
Is there a way to find that out? I think it was the first year that model was made. Thanks for your help!

Around here it’s a buyers market
I agree in comparison to a new Kevlar kayak $2000 is reasonable for a kayak in production and would be a possible asking price ten years ago but new sales have pretty much fallen off a cliff with similar affect on used sales. A friend just sold his 14yr old Kevlar Arluk III that was in excellent shape for $700.

I think $1,000 is a good price to ask for the whole kit; boat and accessories. Someone should jump at that, but be willing to get talked down a little on the price.

If he bought a kevlar sea kayak, he probably bought a nice paddle as well. If you give us the info on the paddle we could tell you if its valuable. It may be smarter to sell it separately.

Lee, if you get it for $750…
…I’ll take it off your hands for $800!

The Meridian first appeared in the Dagger catalog in 1996 (it does not appear in the 1995 catalog). At that time, Dagger was marketing some world class slalom racing kayaks which were manufactured by the Dagger Composites division of Dagger Canoe. The description of the Meridian that appears in the 1996 catalog was written by Crandall Caughman, who is identified as “composites fabricator”.

The few composite Dagger slalom boats that I have seen have been of outstanding quality.

If the boat is in virtually mint condition as you describe, I personally would not take less than $1000 for the boat alone, unless you need the cash or the space it occupies quickly.

Yeah, I have one, the first-out-of-the-
-mold Dagger Zealot c-1. Bought it from one of our '96 Olympic paddlers, Adam Clawson. Unusual layup, S-glass outside and carbon inside. Extremely stiff boat. Haven’t broken it yet, only chips in the S-glass.

I would think that any boats laid up by the same team would be very high quality.

Dagger kayak
Thank you so much for the information. I need to get it down and see what all accessories it has with it. I think I’ll sell it in the spring when the weather is awesome here. I appreciate everyone’s opinion.

The Meridian made me mad
and I coveted it.

17 yrs ago, how the hell did that happen, anyway a group of us with a newbie and his new Kevlar Meriidian who wasn’t screened out joined some club members on a paddle in the mid coast of Ca.

This particular launch was out of Avila Beach. Everyone else launched and I was helping this guy launch in his Meridian. He ignored all the easy sets then paddled out and sat as a big one rolled in on him. “F&ck” I say expecting him to get rolled backwards and spat out in pieces. But no, his paddle half raised and looking paralyzed he disappears then appears surfing backwards into an easy broach and brace back to where I was standing.

Hopefully you didn’t have to repeat the whole thing again!

I always admired that boat; small, sleek with clean lines.