Dagger Meridian (non-skeg) Size?

Dagger made 3 Meridians: non-skeg, skeg “big” (SK) and skeg “small” (SKS).

Can anyone tell me if the non-skeg Dagger Meridian kayaks, without the SK or SKS or S marking, are sized like the SK or the SKS? Or different (I doubt it)?


I believe there were four variations
The original Meridian, the Meridian SD (Sleek Deck - a Meridian without the hatches and perimeter lines), the Meridian SK and the Meridian SKS.

The 99 catalog lists the SK, but notes the non-skeg version is also available yet does not give any different dimensions. The 96 catalog talks about the Meridian and the Meridian SD.

Both the Meridian and the Meridian SK list the maximum load (paddler and gear) as 280 lbs.

The SKS has a lowered deck and maximum load is 265 lbs.


Interesting. I did not notice the SD
Right, the '96 catalogue mentions the SD…

cool boat
And not so common anymore so the cool factor only increases.

Same width/length specs but look diff.
The length and width specs of the SK and SK-S are the same as I can tell (just the load is different), but the 2 look somewhat different in the hull and deck. Do you know any more details?

I think the original Meridian is the same as the SK, looking at specs and pictures (except for the skeg, of course)…