Dagger Meridian Replacement Skeg

I need to replace the skeg assembly on a Dagger Meridian. I contacted Dagger who said they no longer make the Meridian or other composite kayaks and have no replacement skegs available ( great customer service???) Does any one know of another skeg replacement options? I need the skeg, cable and control knob. I presently have the skeg and damaged cable but no control knob.The kayak is a 2003. Any help would be appreciated.

Patrick at Onno Paddles makes a carbon fiber skeg assembly. Comes with skeg box, skeg, cable knob, and recessed compartment for cable knob for $300.

That’s interesting
IIRC, the federal government mandates that manufacturers stock parts for their products for 7 years after they’ve been discontinued. You might want to remind Dagger of that and consider filing a complaint if they don’t come up with some parts for you.

The fact that you have the skeg blade simplifies matters greatly.

The cable is a readily available item. Any marine supplier should stock 1x19 stainless cable in the size you need, which will be either 3/32" or 1/8". DO NOT get 7x19 cable, as it’s much too flexible to work as a skeg cable.

For the control, you should be able to make one easily enough from wood or plastic. All you need is a slider that fits in the groove in the deck and which has a hole for the cable and another for a set screw to bind the cable in place. It’s also possible that a replacement part from Kajak Sport, Current Design, VCP or another brand will work on your Meridian. Measure the groovein the deck and compare with other boats you can find.