Dagger Pegasus value?

So we are looking to pick up a few kayaks for the kids to play around with in the bay. Looking at my local CL, there are a few that look pretty decent. One of which is a Dagger Pegasus. From the info I can find online, this model was made in 96-01. Mainly for WW and surfplay, which is good, cause the younger kids need a more stable kayak. The reviews are generally positive, but I have no idea what one is worth. Especially being 15-20 years old.

Only prices I can find is a guy selling his for $285 in 2005 and someone has a pair of them for sale right now for $375.

Any ideas about what I should give for one?

inspect first
If they are in adequate shape.375 for both is a fair price.set each on a saw horse.then fill part way with water.to check for leaks.on that model they tend to be hard to spot visioly