Dagger Pegasus Vs Perception Torrent

 Paddled a Pegasus today on a class I run with FW in between. I have a SINK WW boat but am looking for a SOT WW boat to play in Class I/II (occasional III) rapids with a fair amount of FW. Anyone have experience with both boats? How do they compare as far as tracking, speed, turning, etc? Which do you prefer and why? BTW...I am 6' 225#.Thanks.

Don’t know about those
but will throw something else into the mix. If you can find one, try an Islander Reggae (no longer in production). 11’7" long and about 28" wide. Same dimensions as their Makai but very different kayaks. The Reggae is a blast on up to Class III whitewater, so I’ve been told. I have paddled it on Class I-II and it was a boatload of fun.

I have paddled both and
there is a pretty clear difference between the two. The Pegasus has a little bit of a keel and tracks better and probably has a higher top speed. I just bought a Torrent and this thing spins on a dime. All curved, smooth sides and the bow gets loud as you build up some speed. Both are a lot of fun and are worth the $300-$400 price tag (used) if you are going to be running whitewater.

They are fine up to Class II for sure, but I think you might want to be comfortable with Class III already before trying it with either boat.