Dagger Prophet

I saw an ad for a used Dagger Prophet and read the reviews of the boat on pnet. I was hoping there might be someone out there who could add to the thoughts in the reviews of this boat? There has been quite a few new WW boats introduced recently, the Esquifs and Bell Prodigy are the ones I know of. I don’t know much about WW hull design. Is this older WW canoe not in the same class with new designs? It seems to have pretty radical rocker compared to other boats. The reviews seem to differ on whether it is a decent boat to learn in. Thanks for any info you can provide.

You might get more experiential
opinions on cboats.net.

A link to cboats.net page

Wicked Radical Rocker
Never paddled one but I’ve seen a few. The Prophet is in a class of it’s own for extreme rocker. I woman I know as a fairly competent WWOC1 paddler told me she couldn’t get hers to hold a line. Do a search on Cboats. There’s been some discussion in the past year IIRC.


It depends on how the boat is loaded.
My new Millbrook has fairly radical rocker, but because I weigh 220, the bow and stern are engaged enough to track quite decently.

Advanced Level Boat
The Prophet is one of Steve Scarborough’s last C-1 open boat designs. He is the best Rx hull designer of all time.

Prophet can be driven in a straight line, but it is an advanced level boat. If you do not have inside circle and cross inside circle skills, best to acquire them before running serious water in Prophet.

If you don’t buy???
If you decide not to buy it please let me know where it is. My cousin has worn a couple of them out and would buy another if it is a reasonable deal. The secret to paddling a Prophet well is to wear a couple of them out. Actually he ripped one of them in half. It wasn’t much good after that.

I guess I will keep looking
If you google Dagger Prophet Blue Lake, it should be the first link. It was advertised in the Humboldt section of the California craigslist.

Thanks for the info everyone.